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Nudge Studio   |   http://studionudge.com

"Situated in an 1800s Charleston-style home, Brown’s Court Bakery is the only remaining structure of four "sister" houses, originally named ‘Brown’s Court’. Aiming to reflect the bakery’s unique blend of the historical and modern charm, we created a brand identity and custom-lettered logo mark that extended from menus and signage to a responsive website."

Nudge is an ambitious two person studio focused on creating visual experiences that shape perception. We believe design adds value and a strategic approach is as important as execution. We are relentless in our pursuit of quality craftsmanship in all that we do.

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Above San Francisco

Compelling cityscapes and unique vantage points are what drove photographers Toby Harriman, Michael Shainblum and Marc Donahue to capture imagery from the sky and to share an incredible experience above the San Francisco Bay

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Brendan Jones   |   http://behance.net/brendanjones

"Academic project for Typography III class. Rebranded logo & design elements around the idea of integration for Google and then implemented them into an annual report for the fiscal year of 2014."

Student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Visual Communication Design program at Northern Kentucky University.

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Blue Plate Restaurant 

Design studio Bolster has developed the brand identity and retail space for The Freehouse, Blue Plate’s newest restaurant venture in Minneapolis, MN.

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Branding by Memela

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I am absolutely THRILLED to pieces that the amazing Jennifer Tolo Pierce asked me to participate in the new Design School Wisdom book published by Chronicle! So this year I was floored to realize that I have been teaching for 10 years at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. (Where I went to school!!) I’m really proud of all of my awesome students, what they’ve done over the years, and the community of amazing people that I’ve met while there! It’s been great being a teacher — one of the best things about it is helping people out wherever I can and trying to make the art world a little easier to access.

I am totally flattered that they’ve included me in this book and totally stand by everything I said! Hooray!! 



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Barber Wedding Invites

Sergey and Sandi Grigoryan were asked to create an invitation that showcased the bride and groom’s whimsical personalities in a modern approach with classical elegance. These letterpressed invites are two color with a blind hit for added texture and middle ground.

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Am I Collective   |   http://amicollective.com

"Tommy Tucker are a music production studio specializing in original compositions, sound design and branding. Their studio is built within our space so we took on their full identity. Our focus was to explore what sound looks like without using obvious solutions and imagery. We couldn’t have asked for a better brief and as a result of this the project was a success and the visual language created was interesting and new territory for us."

The Am I Collective is a creative studio that offers a multi-faceted, collaborative service to advertising agencies around the world. This includes benchmark animation, illustration and typography. Born in 2006 in the beautiful city of Cape Town, we are proudly African. Being African feeds our natural spirit of raw adventure and this hopefully shines true in all the work we do. Raw, and earthy in style and explorative in execution. We hope to be seen as different yet inspirational on a global platform.

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A-moloko / Ermolaev Bureau

This visual identity developed for a company selling milk through a chain of milk vending machines. The logo concept was suggested by the name of the chain: Automated sale of farm fresh milk. The first letter ’A’ which when turned upside down resembles a cow’s muzzle was taken as the basis. Visual identity is built on a system of symbols that show the path of the milk from the cow to the consumer.

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